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Copier Toner

Introduced in 1949, the photocopier has evolved to become one of the most important equipment in the workplace and in most offices. The photocopier (copier) offers businesses a method of duplicating texts and graphics in the cheapest and fastest way.

Throughout the years, technology has improved and replaced the analog and obsolete process of duplicating. Photocopying has taken a digital form and is now capable of reproducing documents in full color. However, nothing has changed dramatically in the reproduction process but the devices are today built more durable, for higher resolution printing, much faster, more efficient, and more pleasing in their design.

Today, photocopiers have multiple functions, features and evolved to copiers and multifunctional devices that can be connected to many other electronic devices, which makes them an indispensable devices for departments and groups in large offices but also in small offices and home-offices.

While the quality of original toner cartridges is standardized by the OEM for each brand and toner-type, the quality of compatible toner produced by different independent toner manufacturers even for the same machine are very different and in many cases not compatible with each other – means that copy-quality problems can occure when compatible toner from different compatible toner manufacturers are mixed in the same machine.

To develop, produce and supply Premium quality compatible toner – means toner of OEM equivalent quality and consistency is therefore a very challenging task that only very few manufacturers of compatible toner are able to fulfill continously. Apart from the manufacturer’s philosophy, experience, R&D and Process-Know-how as well as technical capabilities (testing, quality-control) the quality of the used raw-materials is very important.

Since the photocopier was invented and commercially introduced in the USA the technology driving and continously innovating OEMs in that field are US and Japanese companies mainly that have accumulated over decades a vast experience and leading role in printing- and office-automation technology. As these companies typically engineered and manufactured not only the machines but also the toner and other major components by themselves it is no surprise that also the best quality compatible toner are engineered and made in Japan and the USA mainly.

Being focused and dedicated to offer our distributors only Premium-compatible toner (toner of very high and consistent quality) the vast majority of our toner are engineered and /or made in Japan and the USA. Together with our manufacturing partner we therefore guarantee and stand behind the quality and performance of our copier toner that we are supporting with local warehouses and a personal and professional service.

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