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Marketing Policy

We consider our customers as equal partners in bringing our products to the market place. Personal contacts and relationships to our customers and other business partner we consider as very important. Our marketing policy is therefore long-term oriented and selective as we are aiming to support our distributors in developing the market and increasing the market-share of our Premium compatible toner rather than creating artificial competition among them.

Protection and support included

Generally we are not giving territory exlcusivities but are aiming to work with the most professional distributors and keep the number of distributors in a market very limited.

We are striving and emphasizing:

  • our and our partners professionalism and commitment to the supply-business
  • continuously launching new products
  • offering a wide range of products which meet the fragmented demand of our customers
  • active participation and communication
  • technical support
  • warehousing in Western Continental Europe
  • personal contact that meets individual demand

By cooperating closely with leading and most competent manufacturers we are able to follow the changing market requirements and combine premium products in our offerings to customers.

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