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Prices are in EUR or USD and understood – if not otherwise specified – EXW (Incoterms latest edition) Rotterdam/Netherlands, including duty for free traffic within the European Community.

CROSS Imaging Supplies reserves the right to change prices throughout the year in case of extraordinary currency changes, price changes by the manufacturers or OEMs without prior notice.The prices shown on the Order-Confirmation are the actual prices. Customers are requested to check the Order-Confirmations carefully. Without timely information from the customer the Order-Confirmation is taken as accepted by the customer and will be processed accordingly.

Upon request and if agreed with the customer CROSS can arrange transportation to the customers’ warehouse and charge the customer accordingly. In case additional export documents such as “Certificate of Origin” are required and/or requested to be authorized and legalized by the respective authorities these cost will be charged and  shown separately on the customer’s invoice.

Orders shall be placed in written form either by email or fax. Upon receipt an order confirmation will be issued indicating also the expected date of dispatch. CROSS Imaging Supplies is only supplying complete master cartons (see product-/price list).

A minimum order value of EUR 2’500 (EUR 3’500 for duplicator inks and masters) applies for new orders. In case a new order can be linked to a back-order or a previous order not shipped yet the minimum order value is obsolete.

The average lead time of 80% of our products is 5 days from our warehouse in Rotterdam/Netherlands and Singen/Germany from the date of order confirmation..

The warehouses of CROSS Imaging Supplies GmbH in Rotterdam/NL and Singen/DE are outsourced to professional logistic service provider. All questions
related to shipping shall therefore be directed to CROSS Imaging Supplies (Phone: + 41 (0)44 920 04 30 / Email:ask@cross-imaging.com).

The seaport of Rotterdam is one of Europe’s major logistic hubs for in- and out-going freight. Accordingly, it is very cost-efficient for customers to either
arrange pick-up goods by an appointed freight forwarder, pick-up by themselves or let CROSS Imaging Supplies arrange transportation of the shipment.
Best practice packaging adjusted to the transportation means is included in the selling price.

Our warehouse in Rotterdam is a bonded warehouse where all the toner are stored uncleared. In case an Order is confirmed and the order processing has been started the order cannot be changed anymore because of the order-picking and EC-clearing. In case a customer will make additions lateron these additions must be prepared separately and added to the shipment for collective loading.

Payment shall be made either:

    • net within 30 days from date of invoice by wire transfer (T/T)
    • net against invoice in advance prior to dispatch of the shipment by (T/T)
    • net against documents (B/L) by wire transfer (T/T)
    • as agreed in case of special-conditions

In case payment is not made on time and after the second reminder CROSS is entitled to charge the customer without previous notice financial interest equivalent

of 9% p.a of the total value of the overdue amount. The interest period starts from the date when the invoice has become overdue.

Bank details are specific to the currency (EUR or USD) initially chosen by the customer and are mentioned in our invoices.

All manufacturers cooperating with CROSS Imaging Supplies maintain a Quality Management System and are certified according to ISO 9001 – some additionally also according to ISO 14000. Their quality control procedures include life time tests of toner and related cartridges in combination with OEM components. All our toner are containing raw-materials that are compliant to the European REACH regulations.

Upon request in cooperation with our manufacturing partner we are providing various documents such as Certificate-of-Analysis, Lifetime-Test-Reports, Comparison-Test-Reports, MSDS, ISO-Certificates and others more.

CROSS Imaging Supplies guarantees through its manufacturers the specified performance of the delivered products and warrants for a period of 12 months from the date of invoice that the products are properly stored and shipped free from technical defects. The warranty is limited to the compatibilities of the product as outlined by CROSS Imaging Supplies as well as to the ex-works price of the delivered product only but does not cover any eventual claims related to consequential damages.In case of faulty handling during transport or storage or unprofessional installation in the machine this warranty does not apply.

In case a customer is not satisfied with the performance of a product CROSS Imaging Supplies agrees that the respective products can be returned upon written authorization. In case of functional modifications/changes of the toner, cartridge and/or chip as well as in case of discontinuation the product cannot be returned anymore. After receipt of the returned products the actual ex-works price will be credited provided that the goods arrived in conditions that allow reselling. In case the returned product is not faulty but returned for other reasons a restocking fee of 15% (minimum EUR 500.00) will be deducted from the total-value of the returned products. For products that arrive in conditions which do not allow reselling the cost for unpacking/labelling can be charged to the customer.

Once the request for a return shipment is approved by CROSS the shipment must arrive at our warehouse within 30 days (from costumers in Europe), respectively within 60 days (from costumers outside Europe) from the date the customer has been authorized/informed in writing to return the defective product. Later arriving return  shipments can be rejected by CROSS.

If a product should not meet the performance and quality specified by the manufacturer a written report shall be placed with CROSS Imaging Supplies:

  • describing the observed malfunction
  • indicating the copier/printer model where the product was installed
  • providing the lot number of the faulty product
  • showing the number of copies run with the respective product
  • documenting the malfunction with test copies

CROSS Imaging Supplies will convey this information to the respective manufacturer for analysis/investigation and inform the customers within reasonable time about the results.

Once the request for a return shipment is approved by CROSS the shipment must arrive at our warehouse within 30 days (from costumers in Europe), respectively within 60 days (from costumers outside Europe) from the date the customer has been authorized/informed in writing to return the defective product. Later arriving return shipments can be rejected by CROSS.

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