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When printing documents, the paper will pass through a heated roller-like mechanism called “fusing-unit.” The heat will melt the loose toner power while the paper passes through the fuser. Consequently, the toner starts melting, fuses into the paper and thus create printed documents. Powder that wasn’t consumed during the process will then fall into the waste collector – also called waste-container or waste-box.

Generally speaking, a majority of popular laserprinters nowadays use toners with build-in waste containers. As a result, most of the consumers will never notice that there is such a waste-container. Once the toner life is about to end, the waste-container is about nearly full, and all the user has to do is simply replace the toner cartridge.

Especially faster laserprinter, copiers/MFPs for larger printing volumes on the other hand are designed with separate toner-cartridges and waste-container. As a result, besides changing toners from time to time either the user or the service-technician has to replace the waste-container. Depending on the machines monthly duty-cycles and in line with the transfer-efficiency and waste of the toner the waste-container are designed to hold a specified amount of waste-toner. Consequently, the larger the printer or copier/multifunctional the larger also the waste-container.

Typically, waste-container are made from plastics and produced by using Injection Moulding techniques. Injection Molding is the process of forcing melted plastic into a mold cavity. Once the plastic has cooled, the part can be ejected. An Injection Molding machine consists of three basic parts; the mold plus the clamping and injection units. Major advantages of injection moulded waste-container are very high and stable quality, very narrow tolerances, little need to finish the waste-container after moulding, Our patent-free waste-container are therefore very precisely made but designed to avoid infringing with the respective OEM patents.

In our product range we are offering different waste-container for various brand copiers/MFPs and laserprinter also that are patent-free, engineered and produced to perfectly work in the determined machines. As they perfectly match not only with the machine but also with our Premium-Toner customers can be sure that no over-filling or premature replacement of the waste-container will occur. Usually, our waste-container are packed in single-cartons and then in master-cartons.

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