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Color Technology Transforming the Workgroup Environment

Color Technology Transforming the Workgroup Environment

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According to an InfoTrend study color printer, printer MFPs and UCPs are the most important class of products of the office workgroup. InfoTrends projects that placements of b/w office printers and copiers are peacking and will decline over the next five years as office color machines become the dominant products in most product segments. Vendors that do not have an agressive color strategy will loose market share and consumables revenues.

Recent research findings strongly suggest that vendor should shift their development resources towards color printers and UCP (Universal copier/printer) devices and away from new, clean-sheet designs of conventional monochrome devices. The focus of any new b/w product developments should be on further reducing costs but not on adding features.

Furthermore, the research studies predict that the digital color market will grow 20% a year through the end of the decade, creating radical shifts in revenue and page volume and transforming the face of the printing industry. The market for digital color is currently generating over 58 billion pages in the U.S and results in over 42’000 hardware placements in production environments. This production market purchases USD 4,46 billion in digital color equipment, services and supplies (excluding paper)and generates almost USD 25 billion in retail value of print (source: InfoTrend, February 2006).

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