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Xerox develops new super coating to extend the lifespan of photoreceptor drums

Xerox develops new super coating to extend the lifespan of photoreceptor drums

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Tasked with the developing ways to extend the lifespan of printer components and reduce their impact on the environment – a group of scientiest at Xerox Corporation have developed a new chemical armour that protects photoreceptors, the light sensitive elements in xerographic machines.

Protected from normal wear to tear, a normal photoreceptor coated with the “armour” can last more than one million revolutions – nearly doubling its usable life.

“The long life of the photoreceptors reduces the need for replacement cartridges, enabling a 33% reduction in waste”, said Yonn Rasmussen, Vice President of the Xerographic Component Systems Group. “Customers experience less down time, and therefore reduced interruptions to their work flow, higher productivity and fewer service calls.”

The new photoreceptor works in the standard machine design with no additional hardware changes or added cost to the customer. This invention has a broad applicability across Xerox’s product portfolio and is being first implemented in the Xerox 4112 and 4127 light production monochrome printers.

A global, muliti-disciplinary team from the Xerox Research Center of Canada, the Xerographic Component System Group engineering team in Webster, N.Y and the manufacturing team in Venray, Netherlands, advanced the project from the pilot plant stage in Canada to production in Venray in less than one year, a record time form commercializing a new technology such as this.

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